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Current release 1.21 (updated 2004-08-28)

Site Master is platform independent file manager, which provides visual control over directories and files on your web host using just a web browser via intuitive and user friendly interface. It can help you to organize and control either individual web site or entire host with no need to use FTP or Telnet clients. Site Master is very easy in installation and use.

Site Master provides password protected interface that allows to use the program in multiuser environment. Unlimited number of users can be designated by the administrator. Each user is able to manage only his/her own directory and all subdirectories inside it. Permissions can be given to users on individual basis.

This is a CGI script written in Perl. Site Master can be installed on any web site where CGI is enabled. Providing HTTP server runs with sufficient permissions, this program can perform the following tasks on files and directories:

  • List files and directories based on relative or absolute path
  • Sort the listing by any attribute
  • Filter the listing using wildcards
  • Create and rename directories and files
  • Delete directories including all subdirectories and files of any sublevel
  • Modify permissions (CHMOD)
  • Download files of any format
  • Upload files in bulk
  • Copy & Paste any number of files including entire directory structures with a single click
  • Compress files and directories (using zip and tar.gz formats)
  • Extract files and restore directory structures from compressed files of zip, tar.gz, tar and gz format
  • Edit ASCII files saving them in either Unix (LF) or DOS (CR/LF) format
  • Preview edited files as plain text or HTML file
  • View files depending on its format. Images are shown as images, text files -- as text, etc
  • Execute system commands and observe the result using built-in SHELL

One administrator and unlimited number of users are allowed. SETUP page is available only for the administrator.
The administrator can set up the script as following:

  • Define default directory, which acts as "root" directory for a users if other was not specified.
  • List / Add / Edit /Delete users, including himself:
    - Modify user name and password
    - Define a "root" directory for each user
    - Enable a user to see full path or relative path only.
    - Enable/Disable any of the tasks described above.
  • Assign friendly names for file extensions
  • Assign MIME types
  • Define File Attributes to be shown and give them friendly names
  • Define Character Set
  • Modify look and feel of the interface (Custom links, Logo, colors, slogan


  • Any web server supporting CGI
  • Perl with standard library
  • (Optionally) zip, gzip and tar utilities


  • Any web browser.


  • Click here to run online demo.
    There are a few user accounts available with different permissions:
    user roor, password root (Admin user)
    user test1, password test1
    user test2, password test2
    user test3, password test3
  • Demo does not allow to modify files and settings
  • Full path is not allowed in this Demo


  • Click here to order and download full version of Site Master.








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