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Product overview


In order to try the online Demo you should select user name and password. Your own database will be created on localhost when you submit the form below. Database name is demo_username.
The database and all files that you will create during the test (SQL, CSV and Backup files) will expire in approximately 10 days if you do use them. They will be deleted automatically then. See Demo Regulations.
NOTE: User name and Password are both case sensitive. They must consist of alphanumerical characters and underscore only.

CLICK HERE to run Mysql Data Manager and connect to existing database or to remote host of your choice.

CLICK HERE to get connected to test database as test user with only SELECT privilege.

Use the form below to choose user name and password and create new demo database:



User Name

4 - 16 characters. The first character must not be a number


4 - 16 characters

Confirm Password

4 - 16 characters




  1. To use this program you must enable cookies in the web browser.
  2. Demo database and all files you created during the test (backups, SQL scripts, Import/Export files) will expire in approximately 10 (ten) days if you do not use them. Demo database and all files will be deleted automatically then. Please feel free to create new database if you need to continue testing.
  3. Your database name is demo_username. You have access only to your database.
    User name must consist of alphanumeric and underscore characters only . Your user name and password must be up to 16 characters long.
  4. As demo user you are granted the following privileges:
    on your database on this host.
  5. You can not restore forgotten user name and password. Please feel free to create new database if you need to continue testing.
  6. DEMO mode restricts some operations in order to protect system integrity and limit disk space usage:
  7. The total size of user files (backup, CSV and SQL scripts) saved on the server disk is limited. Their total size can vary depending on disk space available and DOES NOT depend on DEMO mode. We suggest you download Backup files to your local computer rather than save then on the server.
  8. We suggest you do not use this demo to store valuable information. All data inserted can be deleted without warning in order to free up disk space or any other reason.
  9. DEMO mode is active when you are connected to the localhost only.
    Using this program you are able to connect to any remote MySQL server
    To do that just log out from the localhost and enter remote host name and login data.
    DEMO mode will be deactivated when connected to any remote server.


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